Stories of Hope – Malcolm’s reflections

9 June 2021Blog

Storytellers: Heather, Tim and Gauri with Musicians Bex, Sharon and Dave

What a surprise it is that online storytelling can enter our home and our hearts in the way it does. How it can create a sense of community and …

The World Tree – Jim’s Reflections

6 April 2021Blog

Thank you to Lisa Schneidau for an evening of Ash Trees! A fascinating
weave of the Mythology and Biology of the tree Yggdrasil, which holds
together the many worlds, seen and unseen. We travelled from the
beginning in worlds of …

Pascale’s Reflections on Crying Like A Fire In The Sun

13 March 2021Blog

Underpinned by extensive research and deep understanding of the material, Hugh Lupton gave us a powerful, unsanitised telling of stories from The Old Testament, all of them interwoven with song lyrics from Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. From a folktale …

Talking To Strangers – Martin’s Reflections

17 February 2021Blog

Dan Yashinsky at “A Bit Crack” on Zoom, 5 February 2021. Definitely one to remember!

I have known “A Bit Crack Storytellers” for over 26 years and the meetings, live or, more recently, on Zoom have always been places where …

Tales from the Odyssey – reflections from Jill

13 December 2020Blog

As ever the Friday night monthly extravaganza from Bit Crack gave us a rollicking adventure expertly guided by Alexander Mackenzie.

Christine shared her fantastic flute which looked like it had been fashioned by a Hobbit for Middle earth. And what …

Awakenings – Chris Reflects…

9 November 2020Blog

Can you be a passive listener?

We can overhear tittle tattle, pick up snippets of conversation from passing strangers gaily hands free chatting believing that no else knows they can be heard. We mishear instructions when our mind is on …