Nick Hennessey came to the Chillingham Arms in December to offer up a unique story telling. Whilst our bodies sat in the upstairs room we were transported to the Cheshire village of Alderley Edge where Nick grew up.

Imagine a walking tour without leaving your seat and you’d be part way to understanding the evening but it was more than that. As we circled round the village, north, south, east and west and up the hill towards the Edge we were woven in and out of time as well as space to magical effect. It really was quite spellbinding and as someone who has never visited the Edge I find myself longing to go and explore and feel the magic of the place.

The tour was punctuated by delightful recorded little inserts from a local man, who’s distinct voice reminiscing about the place added to the sense of immersion that I felt throughout Nick’s performance. The story of the sleeping army fitted perfectly at the end of the tour and the evening provided plenty of ongoing food for thought about the nature of places and what it is that makes them sacred.
It really was a lovely, unique piece of storytelling made even richer by the questions and discussions which followed.