….and with one mighty leap of faith we were back. Oh, frabjous day! Yes – live once more, happy and delighted since we’ve only been to keep in touch via zoom for the last few months. We’ve been thrilled to have been able to link up as many new faces on different continents and all around the country as we have done – ecstatic to know that so many listeners were able to engage with our guest storytellers from the comfort of their own homes – and now delighted to be able to come alive again and share stories.

Martin Manasse broke the silence and had everybody chanting energetically, before leading us into forests near and far, dark and light, inspired and informed by his recent travels to Hungary. Chris Bostock was guided on his path to meet The Green Man of Knowledge’s by the Storytellers “What is neither old or new, not hard to find and hard to loose, more valuable than strings of pearls, more powerful than Kings or Earls?”  of Ken Patterson, Stuart Finden and Fiona Finden who lifted the whole evening with their sensitive and stimulating playing – replacing their street instruments with wooden ones – mandolin, violin and cello – versatile or what! The evening was rounded off by Malcolm Green weaving his own adventures with creation stories and a sense of wonder and his deep knowledge of the natural world, made all the more potent by being live.

We are so pleased to be back and excited to see new and old faces again, even socially distanced. Stories need to be told – technology has created wonderful links to new friends and listeners in ways that we would never have conceived when A Bit Crack started up over thirty years ago – but oh we and the stories really do appreciate being there in the moment alive and (gently) kicking.

We’re still talking through the possibilities of streaming our live evenings and would love to hear people’s thoughts