Chris reflects on “A Crack in the Pennines”.

28 September 2022Blog

Just turn off the A 69 and head south. Follow the curving road past bleary Bellister, fields of cows, caravans and old mine workings, and you’re bound to find the Old Chapel in Coanwood.

What you would also have found …

Chris reflects on our February Evening

14 February 2022Story night Blog

Covid strikes – and may have delayed our Guest teller for a few months, but stories were still there for the telling. An impromptu evening sprang up, introducing us to: the juiciest meal that was worth dying for, a ring …

Awakenings – Chris Reflects…

9 November 2020Blog

Can you be a passive listener?

We can overhear tittle tattle, pick up snippets of conversation from passing strangers gaily hands free chatting believing that no else knows they can be heard. We mishear instructions when our mind is on …

BLOG 2018

2 May 2018Blog

New Beginnings – We’ve started to review how we develop A Bit Crack Storytelling and are gathering bright minds to steer us into the future.

Soup has been shared, tea has been drunk, dreams are being dreamed. Do come and …

A Story Sharing Evening

25 May 2018Blog

We held a story sharing evening in May round us discussing the cultural ownership of stories and what we learn from the stories we tell. Stories are truly air plants, that grow with their telling. We visited a Carpenter’s last …

Summer Love Open Night

10 July 2018Blog

Last week we had a fabulous open night at the monthly A Bit Crack storytelling evening. Themed ‘Summer Love’, we heard a fabulous collection of stories from a local Northumberland folk tale to stories from Canada, Japan and worlds beyond! …


12 April 2014Tales of the Forgotten North: Blog 2,792 Comments


Friday 14th March 2014
The Road sign that announces that you have arrived at Castle ( long gone unfortunately) Carrock clearly says Please Dance. This is a trick because the locals clearly also want you to sing, smile and …