Katy Cawkwell and Lucy Lill: Wild Visions, Untamed Myth

A double helping of ancient myth that sets the women firmly centre stage. Plunge into the wild world of the goddess Artemis: an ecstatic encounter with the Dawn, a moonlit path that leads to transformation and a dilemma that maybe only the audience can solve… Then meet Kassandra, blessed with the power to see the future, cursed […]

The Gods are All Here. Phil Okwendy

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

When clearing his mother’s house, storyteller Phil Okwedy made an astonishing discovery of a series of love letters from his father to his mother.  Extracts from these letters form the backdrop to a powerful and compelling performance that mixes extraordinary and everyday stories of myths, folktales and song from the African diaspora with Phil’s personal […]