Chris reflects on “A Crack in the Pennines”.

28 September 2022Blog

Just turn off the A 69 and head south. Follow the curving road past bleary Bellister, fields of cows, caravans and old mine workings, and you’re bound to find the Old Chapel in Coanwood.

What you would also have found …

Penny Grennan reflects on “Medusa”

5 September 2022Story night Blog

Last night Gary Cordingly returned to his old stamping ground to retell the story of Medusa with a contemporary twist. Peppered with characters, old and new, the story revealed the silence and suffering of women but also, through the introduction …

Chris reflects on our February Evening

14 February 2022Story night Blog

Covid strikes – and may have delayed our Guest teller for a few months, but stories were still there for the telling. An impromptu evening sprang up, introducing us to: the juiciest meal that was worth dying for, a ring …