Malcolm Green reflects on “Mara”.

7 December 2023Blog, Story night Blog

On the stage is a beautifully carved facsimile of Swedish kitchen seat, which at night becomes a bed. A bed that creaks and groans and becomes a place of nightmares. Nightmares that grab Morton every time he closes his eyes. …

Chris Adriaanse reflects on “Nightingale”

18 October 2023Blog, Story night Blog

The Plight of the Nightingale

Sarah Deco transcended relocation and rail strikes to finally bring her stories of the nightingale to A Bit Crack on Friday evening.

She elegantly weaved together the stories of the nightingale’s transnational migration from …

Lara reflects on “Mead and Magic”

17 August 2023Blog, Story night Blog
After a sudden downpour soaked me to the bone, a night of storytelling was certainly needed and the two tellers more than delivered.
It’s been wonderful to see Chris grow in confidence and style. His three stories about magic rings

Pat reflects on Storyrounds open night.

11 July 2023Blog, Story night Blog

We sit in a circle, candles brightening the space and the evening begins. It’s like a flower slowly opening, petal by petal as one by one take voice and share their story or poem. Whether personal, imagined or discovered. Each …