After a sudden downpour soaked me to the bone, a night of storytelling was certainly needed and the two tellers more than delivered.
It’s been wonderful to see Chris grow in confidence and style. His three stories about magic rings were compelling and interlinked like intricate golden bands on a ring. My favourite had to be the Blue Queen, it was unlike the other two, elevated by fantastical descriptions and characters.
During the break I got to try mead for the first time, unexpected but certainly welcome. The sweet taste was a great sensory precursor to Richard’s story.
Whilst the tale of Kvasir and the mead of poetry is one I know well, Richard managed as always to intertwine anecdotes from his own life, thematically relevant to the story at hand. It was a joy to behold, the words holding everyone’s attention until the very end.
This is the first Bit Crack I’ve been to with two storytellers at the helm, hopefully this is something we’ll see in the future.