I have been coming along to A Bit Crack on and off for a few years now but for Beth, it was only her second time. Upstairs at the Chillingham Arms, the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming. Buoyed on by previous visits, we were eager to return to hear some new tales.
February’s story night took us to the county of Gloucestershire. Here, Heather Jane guided us on a dreamy journey along the Little Avon where we encountered an assortment of magical characters. These included an old hag, a raven woman, eagle lords, a boy who turned into a salmon and even a goddess. Heather masterfully wove a tapestry of tales within tales and we thoroughly enjoyed roaming the banks of the river with her. But as for Heather’s tail, that mystery remains unanswered; hopefully she will return in the future to enlighten us and treat us to more stories.