An Evening with Michael Harvey

Online via Zoom

We are honoured to present one of the foremost tellers of today;  Michael Harvey. Michael is a familiar figure on the storytelling scene and has travelled all over the world telling traditional stories to audiences of all ages. We are delighted that he will be joining us. All in the course of the evening  we […]


Online via Zoom

Have we been asleep? From these troubled times there has been darkness and light. To some there has been a slowing of time. Time to wonder at the beauty of the earth and a precious time of warmth and friendship. For others the journey of awakening has been hard and sorrowful. Tonight we will hear […]

Alexander Mackenzie – Tales from The Odyssey

Online via Zoom

Be warned, the Odyssey is not for the weak hearted, and this storyteller is not for those that easily blush. Alexander Mackenzie has written and illustrated his version of the Odyssey that has recently been published. He has all the gorgeous imagination of Homer plus his own inspirational spontaneity. He will tell the story of […]

Hearth Songs


Heart-warming songs and stories for a winter’s night… Theatre, story-telling and group singing combine for a magical midwinter online celebration 13th December 2020 7pm, LIVE on Youtube! Hearth Songs brings together singers from the Mouthful Virtual Chorus with the wonderful storyteller, Malcolm Green. A new collaboration between singers from Mouthful and story-tellers’ collective a Bit […]

Zoom into 2021 with A Bit Crack

Online via Zoom

Join us at the turning of the year - have we grown or been shrunken by 2020 and where will our dreaming lead us to in the New Year? Dust off your memories and leap into ’21 with stories to fire the spirit from Chris, Claire, Pat and Malcolm. Sane tales for mad times! Coming […]

Talking To Strangers – Dan Yashinsky

Online via Zoom

"In this time of wall-building and border-defending, I keep thinking about what stories - personal and traditional - teach us about how to talk to and welcome strangers.  As we meet in zoomland on February 5, I will bring stories from the Yukon, from Iraq, and from my own remixed folktale rummage chest - all […]

Crying Like A Fire In The Sun – Hugh Lupton

Demons and Angels contend in a rich interweaving of Apocryphal and Old Testament tales drawing from Jewish, Islamic and Christian sources. We are delighted to present this fabulous evening with renowned storyteller Hugh Lupton. As always, everyone is welcome to attend our events and there are no set ticket prices. For those of you with […]

The World Tree – Lisa Schneidau

In a world of magic and miracles, Yggdrasil the ash tree holds all of creation in its roots and branches. Odin the Allfather hangs upside down from the great tree, waiting for wisdom to come. But what happens when the ash tree falls sick? Ash is one of our commonest trees, bringing many gifts: timber, […]

Come Away With the Faeries – Malcolm Green and Mouthful Voices

Malcolm Green and Mouthful Voices invite you to come away with the faeries. Featuring Faerie Folklore and story telling by Malcolm Green - A Bit Crack, and songs written by Dave Camlin, Sharon Durant and Bex Mather, brought to life by Mouthful Voices Community Choir. We invite you into the mystical world of forests and […]

The Ostrich Feather and the Dove’s Egg – Laura Simms

Online via Zoom

Laura Simms, a pioneering and legendary storyteller from the USA, will weave together a performance of personal stories and myths within the frame of a Tibetan tale about listening.   ‘I am enamoured with the veil between stories, dreams and our lives that seems be growing thinner in these times and summoning us to know we […]

Stories of Hope with Friends of A Bit Crack

Online via Zoom

Another special evening of mixed voices gathered from across the UK to give us hope and joy through the wonder of glorious stories. Our storytellers are gifting their stories to you without charge and in return we are inviting donations in response to the evening to go to Peace of Mind -  a local charity […]

A Celebration in Stories

Online via Zoom

A celebration of life and all good things with local voices including Lara Gow, Richard Birmingham, Una Clay Wallers, Emily Hennessey and Pat Renton with Music from Renata Conors. Not that we need any more reasons to celebrate the season, the year, each other or our lack of lockdown, but we still have stories to […]