Welcome the New Year

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Join us for an Open Night full of voices from the floor to give ourselves a bright start to 2023.

Dog Almighty – Emily Hennessey

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Wild, irreverent, stupid, wise, dangerous and outrageously rude, Coyote has questions. Big Questions. Looking for answers he crosses land and sky, pisses down rabbit holes, vomits up his siblings, cheats death, shits and shags and wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. Emily Hennessey celebrates the great Native American trickster, the original creator and fool, riffing on […]

“How to Spin Enchantment” – Tim Ralphs

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Tim has kindly stepped into the breach this Friday with this exciting show. Phil Okwendy has cancelled


Growth Rings – Malcolm Green and Josh Green.

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Gaze at the fissured trunk of an ash tree to where the branches sweep down like candelabras and through the lattice of leaves see one-eyed Odin and two ravens giving him a message … kraak kraak.
Come on a walk through time and space in which the trees, the stars, the birds and our ancestors speak in music and story threads that connect the ancient past to an uncertain future.

Stealing Thunder Festival

A storytelling festival organised by Emily and Nick Hennesey and featuring Malcolm and Josh Green! http://stealingthunder.co.uk/

Open Night

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Welcoming voices from the floor. Where one story ends another begins. Join us for an evening of memories, dreamings and stories of all kinds, keeping stories alive. Without you there would be no listening, without you there would be forgetting, without you there would be no telling

Storyround open night

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Join us for a chance to share your story - as lived by you, dreamed by you or told to
you.- and listen to others as well. Help us keep oral storytelling alive.
“The tongue can paint what the eyes can’t see.” – Chinese Proverb

Dreaming about Place: Story Making with Chris Bostock

Explore Tynemouth Priory & Castle and dream up your own tales. Join storyteller Chris Bostock,  who tells a wide variety of stories, and works with groups to help them weave their own. We will be working with oral stories, inspired by our own histories and where we stand in Tynemouth Priory & Castle’s rich tapestry […]

Mead and Magic

Join Chris and Richard, regulars at the A Bit Crack open evenings, as they share the evening and take you on two very different adventures. Richard Birmingham: Tales from a Viking Longhouse Poets and story tellers were celebrated by the Vikings, filling the almost endless winters with their tales of gods and giants. But why […]

The Thorn in the King’s Foot & other Travellers Tales. Chris Bostock with The Little Big Blue Band

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Join us for tales of wonders, transformation and magic, passed on from the wisest tellers in the oral tradition. If you can cope with curses, an outcast child, a conniving king, or a warring warlock, you’re welcome to wander with us down the highways and byways of stories from the past and present, with original […]

Another Crack in the Pennines

The Old Chapel, Coanwood

Richard and Jill will be welcoming Tim Ralphs, A Bit Crack and other friends to an afternoon and evening of story telling at the Old Chapel in the Pennines on Saturday 30h September. All welcome.