On ‘Apollo’s Lyre and the Pipes of Pan’

20 March 2023Musing on Stories

from “The Dreaming of Place” by Hugh Lupton. 

Musing by Malcolm Green

There was something that fascinated me when I was thinking about the essay ‘Apollo’s Lyre and the Pipes of Pan’ in Hugh Lupton’s new book, The Dreaming of

On “Treacle Walker” by Alan Garner

6 May 2022Musing on Stories

Musing by Malcolm Green:  May 2022

I read this once, as I would a ‘normal’ novel and finished wondering what the heck that was about. But there was something echoing in my head, so read it again immediately (it is …

Stepping Out – Malcolm’s Reflections

7 September 2020Blog

This evening of stories from Chris and Ivanir was full of charm and depth. There was strong theme of men being trapped in their desire to control women and the various women’s response to this. In essence, however, the stories …

Tales of Wandering

2 April 2015Events Archive 3,034 Comments

Various Tellers

Friday June 5th, 7:30pm
Chillingham Arms, Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Inspired by the Dreaming the Land Walks, this will be  a wonderful pastiche of journey stories.

‘Tales of Wandering’ that have emerged both from these extraordinary walks and …