Storytellers: Heather, Tim and Gauri with Musicians Bex, Sharon and Dave

What a surprise it is that online storytelling can enter our home and our hearts in the way it does. How it can create a sense of community and belonging. None more so than when there is a wonderful community of artists sharing with us. Stories taking us from intimate to playful and finally thoughtful. Interwoven with songs that are both balm to the spirit and reflective in their own right.

I loved this; together with the diverse array of faces looking intent and relaxed from their living rooms. A big online hug…

I do not want to write about the individual storytellers and musicians but I want to reflect on how this art on this night, with these people fed the soul. Each one of the tales and songs held a mirror up to life: my life, our lives. And each one chimed with a part of who we are. And when story/song does that, it is compelling. So, one of the wonders of this evening was the ways the narratives entered into us: sometimes intimate and personal, at others funny and others full of intrigue. Often with a lyricism flowing through us like water over rocks. But like water over rocks there are both rapids and still pools. We each will resonate with some parts more than others.

I loved it all – every moment but if I am to pick out one strand; the depth of the personal presented the biggest challenge but also possibly the greatest reward.

Thank you all for donating your time and spirits.