The Custom of the Sea

with Richard Birmingham Friday 2nd March, 7:30pm PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE Corner House Hotel Heaton Road Heaton Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear NE6 5RP Richard Birmingham, once a fisherman, once a boat builder, once a sailor of the seven seas, now has tales to tell. Tales of courage and fear, of strength and failing, […]

The Perfect Moment with Sita Brand

Friday 4th May, 7.30pm Cobalt Studio 10-16 Boyd St Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear NE2 1AP    "Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” ― Henry David Thoreau   An adventure through stories, new and old, some […]

The Depths of the Ocean

With Jake Evans Friday 7th September, 7:30pm PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE Corner House Hotel  Heaton Road Heaton Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear NE6 5RP A vibrant and evocative selection of traditional and true stories from across the high seas with the focal point of Shackleton Endurance Expedition, join us for a night of heroic feats and adventure. Jake […]

Tamar Williams:  Three Around Three/Tri o Bob Try   

The Corner House 317 Heaton Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne

A new commission supported by the Gwobr Esyllt Harker Award and premiered at Beyond the Border 2018. A bilingual solo performance piece that interweaves story, song and spoken word, it is a retelling of the first branch of the Mabinogion. Crossing between two worlds, we journey step by step with a woman from the Otherworld, Rhiannon, […]

Sarah Liisa Wilkinson : The Girl, the Snake Witch, and the Grinning Castle

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Sarah Liisa Wilkinson tells a fairy tale from Finland – that travels from lake to sea, to the middle of the forest, and right into the fiery heat of the sauna… Sarah Liisa Wilkinson is an English-Finnish storyteller, who delights audiences with her always engaging, energetic and playful performance style. She is a member of […]

Story Medicine for the Madness

Online via Zoom

Where does it hurt? Stories can heal, they can also be poison. What stories have been keeping you alive in these extraordinary times? Ashley Ramsden with Brazilian guitarist, Ariel Gragnani with a little laughing gas, a shot of the right stuff in the arm and a provocative tale or two to slip under your tongue.

Nick Hennessey is “In and Among: Wandering about The Edge.”

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Live and on Zoom. Nick Hennesy is "In and Among and Wandering About The Edge"
If you are not able to make it live, Join on Zoom via the link at the end and donate via our Go Fund Me page please.


‘Travelling Together’ with Amy Douglas

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

The unusual friendship between a Shropshire teenager and a Scots Traveller. Amy shares reminiscences of learning to drive, making pegs, drinking special brew and coping with sleep deprivation alongside an ever-present flow of story, song and history.
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Blossom Falls: Nick Hennessey

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Sadly, Phil Okwendy is unable to be with us on Friday. Instead, we have the Amazing Nick Henessey, with armfuls of stories and songs and music to share.


Afro-Celt Stories of Magic and Mayhem with Mara Menzies

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

Join award-winning performance storyteller Mara Menzies as she takes us on a journey across time and space sharing some of her favourite stories drawn from her rich dual Kenyan/Scottish cultural heritage. Mara has thrilled audiences in 27 countries around the world and is delighted at the chance to bring her dynamic, colourful storytelling style to Newcastle and especially to A Bit Crack. 

Stories for ‘Interesting Times’ with Anthony Nanson

The Chillingham Arms 89-91 Chillingham Rd, Heaton

We live in ‘interesting times’. We might prefer otherwise, but here we are. How can stories help? Let’s take a tour of some other times and places in search of stories that inspire hope – and not only hope but the thing that makes hope possible: kindness.