Bread and Roses: Gypsy Soul

9 July 2014Events Archive 3,143 Comments

With Pascale Konyn and Claire Tustin

Saturday 9th July, 7-11pm
The Tower Cafe, Stepney Road
Ouseburn, NE2 1TZ

From Russian Gypsy stories to Welsh Traveller tales, from the east to the west, hear adventures and misadventures of wit and humanity, …

Walking Two Feet Below The Earth

3 July 2014Events Archive 5,115 Comments

With Helen East and Rick Wilson

Friday 3rd July, 7.30
Chillingham Arms, Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Our landscape is layered with stories –the more we know, the more we belong, the more we come to see the invisible heart of …

Where The Bear Sleeps

13 May 2014Events Archive 2,782 Comments

Wednesday 13 May, 8pm
Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne

Grown-up fairytales at Northern Stage
Presented by The Crick Crack Club

In 2000, Nick Hennessy entered the world championship of epic-singing in Espoo near Helsinki, performing the Kavevala (the Finnish …


3 April 2014Events Archive 2,857 Comments

Emily Hennessey 

Friday 3rd April, 7.30pm
Chillingham Arms, Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Scandalous god, shape-shifter, wheeler-dealer, seducer and assassin… you can’t live with him, and the world can’t exist without him.

In the dark North where Gods and Giants hammer …

Giles Abbott: Tongues of Flame

6 March 2014Events Archive 2,896 Comments

Friday 6th March, 7.30pm
Chillingham Arms, Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne

The Life of Richard Francis Burton (1821 – 1890)
A new story By Giles Abbott
Amongst venerated British explorers such as Scott, Livingstone and Stanley, the no less figure of …

Open Night – Winter Wonderings

2 January 2014Events Archive 2,308 Comments

Friday 2nd January, 7.30pm
Star and Shadow Cinema
Newcastle upon Tyne

What better way to start the year than sharing stories, songs, a joke or a poem with friendly folk? If you’ve never told a story before or if you …