Open Night – A Cup Of Kindness

1 January 2014Events Archive 5,876 Comments

With Storytellers Various

Friday 1st January, 7:30pm 
Chillingham Arms, Heaton 
Newcastle upon Tyne

How better to welcome in the New Year than sharing stories, songs or poems, in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere?  Don’t let old acquaintance be forgot, take an …

Open Night – Autumn Musings

7 November 2013Events Archive 2,729 Comments

Friday 7th November, 7.30pm 
Chillingham Arms, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne

Tonight is a chance for anyone who has a story, a song, a joke or a poem that they’d like to share. Whether you’ve never told a story in public …

Open Night – Stories in Summer

1 August 2013Events Archive 2,735 Comments

Friday 1st August, 7.30pm
Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

This could be your chance to celebrate the Summer with a story, poem, song or even a riddle, alongside members of A Bit Crack and other local voices.

Come …

Liz Weir: If stones could speak

4 July 2013Events Archive 9,157 Comments

Friday 4th July, 7.30pm
Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

If stones could speak: traditional tales rooted in the Irish landscape. Liz Weir – the storyteller’s storyteller – returns after far too long to thrill us with tales of …

Goatstones and Motte and Bailey

23 April 2013Tales of the Forgotten North: Blog

There’s always more preparation for a project than anyone thinks there’s going to be – research, meetings, planning and then if there’s going to be a making element, finding and buying materials, and more preparation depending on the nature of …