Nightingale – Sarah Deco

Nightingale tells the story of the migration of a Nightingale from sub-saharan Africa to southern England. The nightingale, inspiration for so many poems and stories and is now endangered in Britain. Alongside the actual story of the nightingale’s life and winding through it, runs another - The Bulbul A-Siah or The Nightingale That Speaks - a traditional Arabic  tale about miraculous reversals of […]

The Hanging of a Mouse – Hugh Lupton

The Four Branches of the Mabinogi were set down on the page in the early thirteenth century. They are stories that had been told and sung by Welsh bards for centuries before they were written down. One of the central concerns of the Mabinogi is the uneasy relationship between this world and Annwn, the Otherworld. […]

Mara – Dominic Kelly

“Morten scrapes a living on the edge of Sweden’s ancient forests. Suddenly he begins to suffer nightmares and mysterious visits as he sleeps. A friend tells him he’s plagued by a Mara …” Dominic Kelly’s warm, witty and powerful storytelling style has captivated audiences around the world. Having lived in Sweden and married into a Hälsingland family, he knows intimately the landscape, […]