Wednesday 13 May, 8pm
Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne

Grown-up fairytales at Northern Stage
Presented by The Crick Crack Club

In 2000, Nick Hennessy entered the world championship of epic-singing in Espoo near Helsinki, performing the Kavevala (the Finnish national epic) to the Finns, in English, and he won!

Somewhere in the northern forests of Finland you pass from a world of midnight sun, into a mythic landscape created from shards of eggshell, taken from a nest balanced on the knee of a deity mistaken for an island in an ocean. One of these worlds is real… but which one?

Beautifully merging myth, epic and fairytale, Nick delivers us from Northern Stage to the dark, snow-swathed, Finnish far-North – here the sun and moon are fought over, magic is done and undone, and life is shot through with bizarre ordeals, misguided passions, magical battles and transformations.

Expect a remarkable performance of elemental epic…

“a rare combination of artistic adventure and absolute accessibility… magical”
London Literature Festival

Suitable for ages 14+
£9 / £7 concessions
available from Northern Stage

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