The first story from Michael was a fast paced rollicking story about a reckless youngest brother of three, an ogre,a princess, an angry king and a loyal dog.

It was a story about friendship and trust and knowing that sometimes we need the courage to believe even when we are afraid to do something. Once we trust and let go the door opens.

The second story from Wales was about Taliesin. It was full of enchantment and wonder and filled with beautiful images; three leaping drops of knowledge from a cauldron bubbling with poison, a hate filled chase of shape changing creatures and a baby sewn into a leather bag and thrown into the sea.

I have a question to pose….. The three drops of knowledge? Would I want to know everything? Would you? The pathways that lead us to knowledge and understandings might be difficult and tricky but are often rich in their discovery.

For me the the story was a reflection on the constant, changing of life around us. Nothing stayed the same for long.

From the cauldron came knowledge but also poison and treasure, we have to be careful what we take.

So, thank you Michael for giving us such riches in your telling.


Pat Renton