Thank you to Lisa Schneidau for an evening of Ash Trees! A fascinating
weave of the Mythology and Biology of the tree Yggdrasil, which holds
together the many worlds, seen and unseen. We travelled from the
beginning in worlds of ice and fire, hearing how Odin learned and
shared his wisdom gained from Yggdrasil. through Irish legend with
Niall and the woods of Tara, visiting the Three Green Ladies on the way
and coming to Ragnarok, at the ending of the worlds and the birth of
the new.

Lisa entertained about 40 listeners on April 12 with the Ecology around
the Ash, how mankind uses it, and other woods. How trees can isolate
infection, but be overwhelmed when confronted with a novel fungus
from alien trees in the east, as is now happening in the UK.

Lisa’s lively and engaging face, leaning confidentially into the screen
for emphasis at times, led us at a steady pace throughout, with
expressive gesticulations.

A novelty at these sessions, was the interspersing of film of the Ash
tree branches, moving in the wind, the camera settling down on the
landscape around. Black and White perhaps for the Dark and Light of
the story.

Beautiful songs from Josh at the start and end of the evening set the
tone just right for our wondering wanderings across the worlds.
We were left at the end with sunlight on the skeleton of the old tree, two
humans emerging, and the Eagle and squirrel back on the tree, and the
Dragon up in the sky, as the world begins again.

Thank you A Bit Crack and Lisa, for an evening of illumination and

Jim Grant.