Saturday 2nd May, 4:30pm
Sage Gateshead

What would you sacrifice for the one you love?

Welcome to a cinema of the mind! – with their visceral combination of live music and dynamic storytelling, The Devil’s Violin weave an enchantment of melody and mystery.

Don’t open that door! As soon as the rule is laid down, we know it will be broken. Once the door is opened, then what? – adventures! All of us love a good tale, and this is a wonderful one. Expect love, loss, drama, danger, horror, humour, twists and trials.

How far is too far? Acclaimed storyteller Daniel Morden, joined by virtuoso musicians Sarah Moody, Dylan Fowler and Oliver Wilson-Dickson will transport you into the world of the imagination.

A scintillating combination of music, sound and story

The Times

This is masterful, theatrical storytelling delivered with great feeling for the dramatic pause, the dark imagery evoking all shades of emotion from horror to joy, while the songs and stories continue to resonate deeply in the bones of the listener long afterwards.

Venue Magazine

Suitable for ages 12+
£11.50 / £5 under 18’s
available from the Sage Gateshead

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