What a great evening. This is not a review but an appreciation.

Tim took us on wonderful circular journey through a series of connected stories. We had drama, humour, pathos, even a chase, everything we could possibly desire.

We were also not silent listeners and he dealt with our, many of them my, interjections with wit and good humour. Even the marvellous moment when we were supposed to suggest fairy gifts for a princess and there were, to put it mildly, some pretty outlandish suggestions, he accepted all and even put the least likely ones to good use.

It was a deeply satisfying evening, fluent, coherent and often very funny. They all lived happily ever after, or did they?

Wait a moment, there was always this bit of unfinished business, another story for another time. Coming in at no notice when the expected guest had to cancel.

Tim brought delight, enchantment and a delicious breath of fresh air. I say it again, such a good evening.
Thanks, Tim.
Thanks, A Bit Crack.
Thanks too to the fine and appreciative turnout.

Martin Manasse.