Educational work was an integral strand of Tales of the Forgotten North. Over the two years we worked with a total of nine schools in all. During the project some of the children from Alston Primary were so inspired that they decided to attend a community dig. You can find out more about what treasurer’s they unearthed in our blog post here.


Here are some quotes, descriptions and photos from some of those projects.

Quotes From Greenhaugh Evaluation

“The project has helped the children tap into a rich vein of traditional folklore and it has given them a deeper understanding of their culture and place.”

“It seems everywhere you turn in Northumberland there are castles and bastles, and the children are using their imaginations to create possible characters, which in turn will help them understand/value their environment and their place in it.”

Trish Gibson, Teacher

“The characters and style of story have continued to “appear” in the class’s literacy work and writing.”

Greenhaugh Silks


Children’s Comments

“Been very good, wasn’t really a dull moment.”

“I really enjoyed doing it and I loved making our map, being creative and making things are always fun.”

“I liked being able to use our imaginations to make up stories and to see what it would be like to live in the Stone Age.”

“We did a lot of team work, when you work in teams with people you make friends.”

“I enjoyed listening to nature and drawing the things we heard.”

“I will remember the sharing of the food, sharing is always good.”

“I loved every moment and it was a lovely experience.”

“The story in the cave was very exciting.”

“I enjoyed doing the walk and the different stops on the walk, it let us do fun things with our friends.”

“I enjoyed every single bit. Thank you.”

Quotes from Shaftoe Evaluation

Teacher’s Comments

“The whole project was fantastic and deemed a huge success. I will definitely seek out other local places to visit for a similar project with history, geography, art, literacy crossover.”

“As we meandered along the river banks and through the woods the children loved discovering things such as otter and weasel tracks and tasting wild garlic! It was the tree that impressed them the most and inspired them the following day in creating stories about people the tree may have known in the last 2000 years.”



Quotes from Alston Evaluation

Teacher’s Comments

“Having the oral tradition presented to us so well was a real treat…”

 “A great source of inspiration, knowledge and creativity.”

“……they let their imaginations run riot and got a lot from it.”

“The oral storytelling entranced them.”

Lucy Pullan, Teacher

Children’s Comments

“There was nothing that I didn’t like it was all great.”

“There was no bad things about it I loved it all.”

“…..It was really fun when we were deciding on what to put for the story because we made it adventurous”

“I would really want to do it again it was so fun!”

“…..I got to use my imagination.”

“…..when I read stories before I didn’t really like them but now I really like reading stories.”

“…I liked every single thing about the project”

“…..I think it is one of the best things I have ever done (with the class)”

“……we got use all of our ideas and work together.”

“….I like once in a life time opportunities and that was one.”


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