Having kept our current prices for as long as we can remember, it is now time to make some changes to the cost of our evenings. This has taken much thought and debate and we continue to be committed to bringing you great value, affordable storytelling evenings. Unfortunately, if we were to continue without change, A Bit Crack would not be able to sustain itself for very much longer (we already use low cost/no cost venues and don’t pay ourselves anything for our work for A Bit Crack) and so we reach out to you for your support and understanding with this. Our new price structure will be as follows:

  • £6 – Hardship rate for anyone who feels that this is the most they can afford, regardless of whether you are a student, retired or unemployed. No questions asked or checks made, we hope this is reasonable and affordable.
  • £8 – Regular rate for anyone who is financially supported by sufficient income from work, partners, parents, pension etc. Please decide for yourselves which rate you feel able to pay. We rely on your honesty in considering your circumstances.
  • £10 – Philanthropist rate for anyone who feels inspired to donate a little extra to keep A Bit Crack going. Know that every penny goes towards paying for the cost of the storytelling evenings be it fees for the tellers or hire of a venue. We will be most grateful for any and every contribution!

It is entirely up to you as to what you feel able to pay, and how much you can support us. This may be different on a month by month basis. As we said, no questions asked, we simply call on your honesty and are grateful for all the support you have already given us!