Friday 6th June, 7.30pm 
Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

The village of Elsdon holds many mysteries. Could it be that the clues to those secrets are there to be found – if only we look closely enough? As part of the Tales of the Forgotten North Project, Pascale Konyn has created a story using the known archaeology, history and the existing mysteries of Elsdon and it’s landscape.

Journey into the past with Storyteller Pascale Konyn as she tells an epic wonder tale of Elsdon and it’s transformations, that take us from the Iron Age through Medieval times to the Nineteenth Century and the present day.  In this evening, weaving history and mystery into the present, Pascale will be joined by musician Bridget Enever, who will bring her own bright threads of musical magic.

Archaeologist Paul Frodsham will share some of the knowledge that has been revealed by findings from ancient times.

£8 / £5 concession
+ £1 annual membership of the Star and Shadow

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