Friday 7th March, 7.30pm
Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

Doin’ Dirt Time: storytelling meets theatre
This is a one off departure from A Bit Crack’s normal evening of storytelling. Because of this years involvement with the land (Tales of the Forgotten North) we have invited two artists up from South Wales to perform their Doin’ Dirt Time performance.

A provocative performance questioning the role of the artist in society and what role art has in a time of change.
This programme was created by Emergence which seeks to embody the values we treasure in a hope that a more creative, caring and compassionate planet.

In “Doin’ Dirt Time” two celebrated American artists made the decision to give away all their artworks and possessions. They disappeared into the American wilderness, after an intensive study of tracking and survival skills. They fundamentally question the traditional role of the artist in society, articulating their desire to live life as a sacred act rather than to simply document it.

£8 / £5 concession
+ £1 annual membership of the Star and Shadow

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