1 April 2015Events Archive 2,995 Comments

With Emily Hennessey

Friday 1st April, 7.30 pm

Chillingham Arms, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne,

From demure housewife to bloodthirsty goddess, gurgling infant to elephant man, meditating sage to cosmic fire-eater, Hindu mythology illuminates a mind-blowing world of radical transformations. 


Tales of Wandering

2 April 2015Events Archive 3,034 Comments

Various Tellers

Friday June 5th, 7:30pm
Chillingham Arms, Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Inspired by the Dreaming the Land Walks, this will be  a wonderful pastiche of journey stories.

‘Tales of Wandering’ that have emerged both from these extraordinary walks and …

Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland

10 October 2014Events Archive 3,487 Comments

With Storyteller Nick Hennessey and Musicians Anna-Kaisa Liedes, Kristiina Ilmonen and Timo Väänänen


Saturday 10th October 2015, 8pm

The Sage Gateshead

An international collaboration featuring an outstanding ensemble of artists including leading UK storyteller, Nick Hennessey and three …

The Storyteller

3 October 2014Events Archive 2,555 Comments


With Chris Bostock


Saturday 3rd October, 10:30
Northern Stage
Newcastle upon Tyne

Your second chance to join Chris Bostock, the Storyteller, at Northern Stage in Newcastle on the first Saturday morning of every month, to hear stories that …

Storytelling and Peace

20 May 2014Events Archive 2,095 Comments

Inger Lise Oelrich

Wednesday 20th May, 7:30-9pm
Burnlaw Centre, Whitfield

Inger Lise Oelrich will host an evening exploring the role stories and storytelling can play in fostering peace in a wide variety of life situations. She will also share some …


5 June 2014Events Archive 5,026 Comments

With Malcolm Green, Pat Renton and Friends

Friday 5th June, 7:30pm
Chillingham Arms, Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Why do we journey? Where will it take us? Who will be our companions and who will we meet? What dangers, dilemmas and …

Walking Two Feet Below The Earth

3 July 2014Events Archive 5,115 Comments

With Helen East and Rick Wilson

Friday 3rd July, 7.30
Chillingham Arms, Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Our landscape is layered with stories –the more we know, the more we belong, the more we come to see the invisible heart of …

Bread and Roses: Gypsy Soul

9 July 2014Events Archive 3,143 Comments

With Pascale Konyn and Claire Tustin

Saturday 9th July, 7-11pm
The Tower Cafe, Stepney Road
Ouseburn, NE2 1TZ

From Russian Gypsy stories to Welsh Traveller tales, from the east to the west, hear adventures and misadventures of wit and humanity, …

Tale Spinning

17 July 2014Events Archive 2,675 Comments


Storytelling Festival in North Tyneside

Friday 17th – Friday 24th July
Various Venues
Whitley Bay

Tale Spinning is the first Storytelling Festival in North Tyneside. The Tale Spinning Festival is one part of the Under the Dome Festival.

Tale …