A Bit Crack Storytelling promotes and celebrates oral storytelling for adult audiences in the north-east of England. Run by storytellers Chris Bostock, Malcolm Green and Pat Renton to share our delight in stories. Through regular storytelling events, projects and workshops we create platforms for audiences to enjoy the wonder of listening to a story well told.


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Upcoming events

Under the Bridge

The Chillingham Arms, 89-91 Chillingham Rd
Heaton, NE6 5XL
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Join us for a chance to share your story - as lived by you, dreamed by you or told to
you.- and listen to others as well. Help us keep oral storytelling alive.

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02 August 2024 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Chris Adriaanse hosts: Local Voices – A Journey to the Lands Between

The Chillingham Arms, 89-91 Chillingham Rd
Heaton, NE6 5XL
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You are invited to a special night of stories as regular contributors to the A Bit Crack open evenings take to the stage. In a celebration of storytelling in the […]

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06 September 2024 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Cracking On

Cracking on sessions present an opportunity for a group of people to explore what a story means to them in discussion with others. The sessions are designed to be informal […]

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09 September 2024 7:30 am - 9:00 pm

Northumberland Folk Tales by Malcolm Green


These folk tales reflect the wild and secret character of between two countries and two worlds. The book other magical characters such as the Netherwitton worm who guards a secret well and the Hedley Kow that plays audacious tricks on humans. Accompanying these, there is the sound of human feet; saints seek refuge, ancient kings fight for land and salvation, and border folk pit themselves against one another with both wit and sword. Illustrated with thirty beautiful and evocative drawings by Rachel Edwards, this panoply of characters, together with ghosts, witches and the land itself, is brought to life by professional storyteller Malcolm Green.

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Local Events in June


Day out with The Conversation Class


On a surprisingly lovely bright sunny day we gathered together,28 of us from the conversation group in Newcastle and volunteers for our annual outing at Burnlaw.
What a gorgeous day we all had.We sang, told stories, walked, made prints and worked with willow. Wild garlic was picked, lambs stroked and as we explored more delights were discovered .. a tree house to climb up to and a pole to slide down!
Together we shared delicious food ,fun and laughter and many happy memories were made.
Thank you to everyone who made this special day happen .

We walked through the land, we sang in the temple in the woods, we circled the grandmother ash and wished her well. We made our way through flocks of recently-released pheasants and climbed high into the treehouse, from which those with lither bodies descended via a fireman’s pole.

We had stories of a woman becoming a leopard, a girl dancing with a tree, a boy who became a girl and bees literally buzzing. Two of the Burnlaw girls sang while we were entranced by the voice of the flute.

We finished tying ourselves in knots of friendship and laughing some more.

Thanks to everyone, the community and the beautiful land for a wonderful, heart-warming day.

May we meet again. ABC_web_breaker_06