A Bit Crack Storytelling promotes and celebrates oral storytelling for adult audiences in the north-east of England. Run by storytellers Chris Bostock, Malcolm Green, Claire Randles and Pat Renton to share our delight in stories. Through regular storytelling events, projects and workshops we create platforms for audiences to enjoy the wonder of listening to a story well told.


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Upcoming events

Stories for ‘Interesting Times’ with Anthony Nanson

The Chillingham Arms, 89-91 Chillingham Rd
Heaton, NE6 5XL
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We live in ‘interesting times’. We might prefer otherwise, but here we are. How can stories help? Let’s take a tour of some other times and places in search of stories that inspire hope – and not only hope but the thing that makes hope possible: kindness.

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01 July 2022 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

“The Three Pillars of Storytelling” Course led by Nick Hennessey

A course for aspiring storytellers from our friend, Nick Hennesey.
Will it be challenging? Yes. Will it be intensive? Yes. But will it be rewarding and a whole lot
of fun? YES!!

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04 August 2022 August 4 - August 8




On a wet December Saturday a group of asylum seekers and volunteers from the conversation class in Newcastle made their intrepid way to Burnlaw in Northumberland for a day out in the countryside.
It was a delightful day from beginning to end.
We sang, shared food, walked through squelchy mud, listened to stories, made wreaths and gathered in the dark around the fire to celebrate being together and sharing such a lovely day.
It felt very heart warming and hope we can do it again in the summer.
Cheers pat



Film report of Tales of the Forgotten North

Here is our final film report for Tales of the Forgotten North. This film gives you an overview of our two years spent exploring Northumberland and the North Pennines, digging deep into the earths history and uncovering new stories shared along the way. For more in depth films of each year of our journey take a look at Dreaming the Land 2013 and 2014.



News from A Bit Crack Tellers

Northumberland Folk Tales by Malcolm Green

With illustrations by Rachel Edwards, this book brings to life the rich history of Northumberland Folk Tales.
More information here.