Author: Claire Randles

Politics and Indian Storytelling

10th September, 2019By Claire RandlesBlog

Kerima Mohideen performed an evening of storytelling with the title: If Trees Could Speak. What was striking about it was its weaving of contemporary politics with myth, story and her own experiences.

In the first half we heard a story …

Sharing Stories On A Summers Night

15th August, 2019By Claire RandlesBlog

Local Voices; An Evening of Delight

14th July, 2019By Claire RandlesBlog
Three local tellers and a musician came together and gave us an evening of absolute delight.
From tales of cowboys to the struggle of the miners ,to shape shifting and wonder seemingly incongruous but linked together seamlessly  because each story

Carried Away in Story

14th July, 2019By Claire RandlesBlog

Back at the Cobalt after having to host our events at other venues, feels like a homecoming. I do like the way that the building tucked away as it is, is still no distance from the city centre. It’s an …

If Not now, When?

2nd June, 2019By Claire RandlesBlog

As we drift into an unprecedented crisis for our beautiful planet earth with climate change, mass extinctions and threats to the very survival of humanity, what role is there for the storyteller?

It is on the agenda for sure with …

Price Restructure April 2019

15th March, 2019By Claire RandlesBlog

Having kept our current prices for as long as we can remember, it is now time to make some changes to the cost of our evenings. This has taken much thought and debate and we continue to be committed to …